Doyen Law Publishers Limited is the publisher of Modern Weekly Law Reports (MWR) on the authority of both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. It is a weekly law report comprising essentially the decisions of both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. This notwithstanding, there are instances where novel decisions of the High Courts are also reported.  The Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Doyin Awoyale SAN, heads Modern Weekly Law Reports (MWR) Editorial Board, and they aim to sustain this flagship publication, as the best law report in Nigeria, as well as to make it affordable and easily accessible to all Lawyers in Nigeria through a nationwide distribution channel on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual subscription plan of both the hard copy as well as its digital version. It is a weekly publication containing mainly the decisions of the appellate courts in Nigeria (Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal) from January 2021 till date on the authority of both Courts.